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Wales’ First IFM-Registered Functional Medicine Clinic Launches St David’s Day 2021

Simone Buehner, Director of 360 Health Consultancy Ltd announces the launch of Wales’ first Functional Medicine Clinic on 1 March 2021.  We take a DARINGTM approach to heaathcare combining the ancient wisdom of using your food, exercise and meditation as your medicine with state-of-the-art nutrigenomic and hormone testing to create personalized heathcare and lifestyle plans to help with the prevention and treatment of chronic long-term health problems.  All of this can be delivered remotely using a TeleMedicine platform.

Based in Dinas Powys, this online service will benefit the wider community by offering secure video consultations as well as the option of telephone calls for those who cannot access the technology.  State-of-the-art testing kits are delivered to client’s homes for simple saliva, stool or urine samples which will then be collected by courier and taken to the laboratory for analysis.

With the help of the Welsh Government Discretionary Grant, Simone was able to pivot her previous business, Barefoot Medicine Acupuncture, Herbs and Nutrition clinic to adapt to meet the needs of the community in the light of lessons learned from the pandemic.


Lesson 1 – The need to improve baseline health, fitness and mental wellbeing

Functional Medicine is a systems-based approach to healthcare rather than symptom-based.  This means that rather than treating the symptoms like ‘whack-a-mole’ we ask ‘why is that happening at ever stage and look at the other body systems that could be mediating factors. A consultation with 360 Health Consultancy will include a 60-minute 1:1 consultation to understand how your health problems are affecting you personally and impacting your quality of life.  Tests can measure your hormones, digestion, energy levels, fertility levels, inflammation etc.  The tests are not there to provide a diagnosis, but to indicate what is going on ‘behind-the scenes’ even before you get symptoms.  Using all the information gathered, your functional medicine practitioner can then put together a diet, lifestyle and nutrition programme tailored for you to build resilience and improve your baseline health to ward off health problems and speed up recovery times if you do become ill.

Lesson 2 – The Need for Remote Health Support and Advice.

Using state-of-the-Art TeleMedicine technology, the services are available to anyone with internet access at home using a combination of secure video conferencing, chat and telephone calls to keep you in touch with your practitioner. The chat facility enables you to ask those small, niggling questions that take a minute to answer, but can make a big difference to your ability to progress.  This also helps with continuity of care plans as the client can share the consultation documents and lab test results held on the health platform with their other healthcare providers if they choose to. Using the Healthie app (www.gethealthie.com) they can have the information at their fingertip whilst knowing it is being securely stored by a GDPR and HIPPA-compliant company.

Lesson 3 – The need to ease the burden on the NHS

Empowering people to make healthy lifestyle choices, improve their diet, introduce meditation and mindfulness activities as well as appropriate levels of physical exercise coupled with the accountability and guidance that 360 Health Consultancy offers, will help people to help themselves get and stay healthy.

Early intervention with functional medicine in conditions such as Type II Diabetes and obesity can be readily addressed using functional medicine and could help avoid the long-term health problems such as Coronary Heart Disease, Stroke and other complications that present as chronic health problems in the NHS.



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Launch of Wales’ First IFM-Registered Clinic on St David’s Day 2021

Simone Buehner can be reached on +44 7715 239 999 or email hello@360HealthConsultancy.com. For information about The Institute for Functional Medicine, courses and programs offered, or to find a Functional Medicine provider, please visit www.ifm.org, or call 800-228-0622.

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