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10 Simple Ways to Relieve Stress

  1. Increase Mood Food in your diet i.e. oily fish, fermented foods, dark chocolate)
  2. Eat your meals in a peaceful location, chew it well and take time to digest your food properly
  3. When you have been talking to someone and you leave them, take a moment to note how they made you feel. If you feel energized and positive, spend more time with them!
  4. When you are ‘in the moment’ with stress, close your eyes, inhale deeply and count to 10 as you let it go. This makes your body move from the primitive, reactive ‘limbic’ phase to a more rational state that is better able to see all the possible solutions.
  5. Apoptogenic foods, herbs and supplements help your body to adapt quickly to changing levels of pressure and stress. Speak to a professional about which would be best for you.
  6. A daily meditation practice with an app such as Insight Timer where there are thousands of free meditations for all levels of ability.
  7. Make time for physical movement, exercise, dog walking each day and try to get a bit out of breath because it will flush out all the stress hormones and unwanted by-products.
  8. Give yourself permission to take time out without feeling guilty
  9. Set an hourly timer on your phone to remind you to get up, stretch and breathe deeply
  10. Speak to someone impartial about your stress. Those who love you may tell you what you want to hear, those who are insecure about themselves may reflect their own insecurities onto you.  Speaking to an impartial outsider will help you see things objectively and find a constructive way forward.

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