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We commit to making a donation to the projects supported by Health in Harmony. The most expensive of the projects requires $500 (Chainsaw buyback) and this will be donated right away, every time a 12-month programme is purchased. 4-month and 6-month packages will generate $200 and $300 donations respectively.  No cash discount is available to clients as this is a corporate donation to be made from profits, but if you would like to be involved or to know what difference you have made, then it will be fantastic to involve you in this breakthrough work.

Please watch their short video below to understand more about their work.


Question: What would you need that would make you decide to stop illegal logging?



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Health In Harmony is partnered with Alam Sehat Lestari (ASRI) in Indonesia, a hospital with one BIG difference: they offer a ‘green credit’ system to their many thousands of patients.  This means that patients whose community has reduced logging will receive up to 70% discount on the cost of healthcare treatments. Patients can pay with seedlings, handicrafts and even manure for the organic farming projects!  This short video shows you how the process works.[/ed_column] [ed_column span=”3″]

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These are the specific projects that your treatment will be helping to support

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Chainsaw Buy-back Programme

$500 will be donated from any 12-month programme purchased through 360 Health Consultancy

Until I dug deeper into the reasons for logging, I always assumed it was done by opportunistic people who did not care for the environment. How ignorant I was!  I have now learned that the families know the importance of the rainforest perhaps more so than those of us who live so far away, but they do the logging out of desperation to be able to cover the cost of healthcare and for immediate survival.  For many it seemed like their only choice until this charity adopted a more rounded approach and found a solution that tackles the root cause of the problem instead of just ‘outlawing loggers’.

This is a business development programme that began in 2017 to encourage loggers to sell their chainsaws in return for seed money ($500) to start their own business, mentoring and business planning assistance.  This is not just for the loggers, however, it is for their entire family and it is a requirement that the women of the family are also involved in the new business.  New ventures include re-skilling as organic farmers, healthcare professionals, running a shop, raising chickens and catfish etc. Over the last ten years 100 logging families have made this transition thanks to the charity.

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Affordable Healthcare through the unique Green Credit system

This wonderfully innovative approach to healthcare allows poor families to pay for their healthcare using seeds, handicrafts and even manure!  This ‘payment’ is then passed to one of the other projects.  The Chainsaw Buyback allows former loggers to be re-trained in organic farming, which uses the seeds that have been used for payment in the ASRI hospital.  Manure from the Goats for Widows project is used to fertilize the barren land that was logged and the farmers set about the reforestation.  The return of biodiversity AND economic prosperity leads to a healthier community that is not just sustainable but thriving!  Furthermore, the return of biodiversity through re-forestation decreases the risk of zoonotic diseases spreading  such as Covid-19, SARS, yellow fever etc.

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Goats For Widows

This self-sustaining community enterprise empowers women to be economically independent and contribute to conservation of the Borneo rainforest even when they have been widowed.  ASRi gives the widow 2 goats to breed from.  She sells both the manure and the baby goats to provide for her family.  The manure is needed by the ever-expanding organic farming projects that are replenishing barren stretches of former rainforest.

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Forest Guardians

There are currently 30 forest guardians who are respected members of the community selected by the locals then trained by ASRI to work with illegal loggers to help them find alternative income streams.  Many of the former loggers are being trained in organic farming and reforestation. This is bringing back destroyed habitats and increasing biodiversity once more.  Seedlings used for payment for healthcare by poor families are used by the former loggers who are now organic farmers.  The manure is provided by the Goats for Widows programme and the ‘green corridor’ gives the orang utan safe passage across the valley floor once more.  This is ‘planetary health’ in action. (Definition: the health of human civilization and the natural ecosystems on which our health depends).

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