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When your doctor says there’s nothing wrong…

Would you know what to do when your doctor says there’s nothing wrong but you know full well that your health is just not right?

Most of my clients come when they have exhausted all options and think there is nothing else that can be done to get to the bottom of their health problems  Their doctor tells them all the test results have come back ‘normal’ and there is nothing else that can be done. The fear, anger, disillusionment, exasperation and utter despair is palpable.

The problem with –  as well as the beauty of  – our conventional medicine system is that it has flourished since microscope technology has developed.  Doctors and surgeons who specialize in certain parts of the body can look with microscopic detail at the structure of the organ, the bacteria and the organisms that surround it.  Yet although this gives us tremendous detail, what is missing is piecing that human being back together again to get ‘the big picture’ of health for that individual.

How Functional Medicine Can Help

The beauty of functional medicine is that we look at body systems rather than individual symptoms.  Combining the detail of lab tests with the functional medicine timeline, much more information comes to light.  We piece everything together in the context of your life today to see when things started to go wrong, in what order and with what consequences.  This is then put into what is called the functional medicine matrix which shows us which of the 7 key body systems is most affected.  The treatment plan begins with  that system.  In many cases this explains the root cause of the mysterious symptoms which previously appeared to be unrelated.

If you are struggling with many and varied unexplained symptoms that you cannot get to the bottom of, then book your 15-minute free discovery call so we can explore whether functional medicine may be able to help you.

Can Functional Medicine Help Me?

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