Functional Medicine Clinic Wales

Wales’ First IFM-Registered Functional Medicine Clinic Launches St David’s Day 2021

Simone Buehner, Director of 360 Health Consultancy Ltd announces the launch of Wales’ first Functional Medicine Clinic on 1 March 2021.  We take a DARINGTM approach to heaathcare combining the ancient wisdom of using your food, exercise and meditation as your medicine with state-of-the-art nut...
Luxury Mothers' Day Gifts

3 luxury healthy Mothers’ Day Gifts

Give the gift of good health to the special lady in your life. Tropic Skincare All women want to look good, but with all the chemicals in make-up it certainly comes at a price.  The skin is the largest organ in the body and absorbs everything we put on it, so if your Mum would […]
Own Your Growth Interview with Simone Buehner

Own Your Growth Interview with Simone Buehner

This announcement was made by team Own Your Growth, a business based in India that supports medical students by inspiring as well as educating them.  They invited Simone Buehner, Owner of 360 Health Consultancy Ltd to share her story.  If you would like to book a free 15-minute consultation wit...

6 Tips to Help you Beat Sugar Addiction

Whatever our logical brain tells us about how bad sugar is for us, we still all have a strong emotional connection to sweet flavours.  Breast milk is very sweet, so we learn at an early age to associate it with comfort, nourishment and safety. It triggers all our ‘wellbeing’ hormones so that eve...
No time To Be Ill

No Time To Be Ill?

5 tips for Senior Managers to Stay Healthy You are the cornerstone of your business, but if your health is under par, then so is your business and the person sitting across the boardroom table from you knows it.  Do not let them get a competitive advantage over you on something you can control. ...