6-month Transformation Plan

The most effective and lasting transformation of your health comes with 3 pillars:

  1. A deep understanding of where you are now and what has led you to this point.
  2. Innovative, scientifically proven ways of improving your physical, mental and emotional health naturally using your food, modifiable lifestyle factors,  nutraceuticals, mindfulness, time spent in nature, creative endeavours and spiritual connection.
  3. The ability to spot your health trends before symptoms arise, because prevention is better than cure!

During this 6 month transformation programme,  we will work together on a personalized health programme based around your goals, values, time-constraints and life-circumstances so as to make your health transformation realistic and achievable.

Step 1

Health Score & Causality Investigations

Step 2

Lab Tests

Step 3

1:1 Consultations

Step 4

6-month Personalized Programme
Can Functional Medicine Help Me?

What is the Health Score?

Your Functional Health Score devised by the Institute for Functional Medicine is an assessment of the extent to which your symptoms are affecting your daily life.  You will be taken through a series of questions and the answers will be submitted to me so I can calculate your score out of 200.  An ideal score is less than 15 so the higher your score, the more benefit you would get from professional intervention rather than trying to manage everything yourself.

You are welcome to check your health score for FREE anytime by clicking this button.  If you decide to become a regular client, I will keep a log of your scores each month and we will be able to measure the effects of the interventions to ensure you are getting the results you need.  Please note that you will need to complete this quiz on a laptop or desktop computer as it is not yet compatible with phones or tablets.

Test, Don't Guess!

Most people’s experience of ‘tests’ is when a doctor takes their blood and looks at a snapshot of blood chemistry on that day.  This can be extremely useful, but is out-dated.   Thanks to tremendous advances in our understanding of the interplay between body systems and the crucial role of our food in biochemical reactions and gene expression, functional medicine tests can show you what is happening behind-the-scenes before symptoms arise. Furthermore, because of the amount of 1:1 support you get on this transformation programme, we are able to monitor changes over time.  Your programme will be based around your test result, then each month we will check your health score to measure the efficacy of the treatment plan and tweak it wherever necessary.

There are a great many tests for us to choose from but the core tests involve how well nourished your body is, how well you can absorb the nutrients and how well your body eliminates unwanted by products.  Some areas we can test for without the need for a blood draw are:

  • Does your body have the right nutrients for all the core functions?  A metabolic assessment will give you the answer in a ‘traffic light’ format along with recommendations for supplements and doses to re balance anything in the red zone.
  • Is your body able to break down and absorb the food you eat and get the nutrients to where they are needed?
  • Do you have an infection such as Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), yeast or parasitic infection that is causing abdominal bloating, acid reflux, indigestion,  loose stools or constipation (or alternating between the two).
  • Are your hormones balanced and is the ratio between them right?  The consequences and symptoms of an imblaance here are far too numerous to mention from poor sleep to infertility, mood swings, low libido, overwhelm, anxiety, menopause/andropause, panic attacks to name just a few.

Other tests can also be offered but will require a blood draw, such as for cardiac and thyroid function and some toxicology tests.  These would be discussed with you separately along with advice on how to find a phlebotomist to work with near you.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Functional Nutrition

What are the Lab Tests and how do I do them?

Because this is a personalized programme, the tests I recommend for you may differ from those outlined here.  For example, I may swap the metabolomix test for an organic acids test or the hormone test for a toxic exposure panel.  In all cases, you can be sure of getting the top prioroty comprehensive lab tests that will provide enough information for an extremely effective 6-month programme.  Should you wish to purchase additional tests, they will be offered at cost price during our time of working together.

The tests I have included here do not require a blood draw.  They are simple stool, saliva and urine samples that you can do at home.   The testing kits will be sent directly to your home with very clear instructions, then when you are ready for them to be collected you simply go online and book a time for our courier to come and get them from you or, in the case of the DUTCH test you can send it back first class in the regular post.

Typically, it will take around 1-4 weeks to get your tests back.  This is because if a yeast or parasitic infection is found, the technicians will grow the culture and try out different foods and pharmaceuticals on it to see what is the most effective treatment option to get rid of it.  Typically at this stage there are normal foods or supplements you can increase in your diet so that your gut can heal itself without any harsh interventions.  However, it is good to know that if you do need pharmaceuticals, we will already know which ones work.

This is a very detailed GI Effects Sample Report looking at how your digestive system is functioning.

Biomarkers are grouped and scored in 5 key areas relating to GI function:

  1. Maldigestion
  2. Inflammation
  3. Dysbiosis
  4. Metabolite Imbalance
  5. Infection

In each of these 5 categories, your body is ranked 1-10 on whether there is a low need for support, a moderate need or a high need for support right away.  Once I have the results I will be able to give you information on how you can use specific foods as your medicine to improve any imbalances.

This excellent and very detailed report indicates whether you have the right nutrients in your body for the cells to function at their best and for you to have the energy you need.  It also looks at oxidative stress which is the ageing process, not just in your appearance, but inside your body as well.  This video explains it very clearly.  You will see that there are add-ons to the tes.  I have chosen to include the finger prick test for organic acids, but if you want the genomic tests done, please contact me before placing yur order.

to find out how well you are coping with the level of stress you are under, or if stress hormones are knocking your other hormones out of balance.


What happens in the Consultations?

A Functional Medicine consultation is very different from what you may be used to with a conventional doctor, even if you have private medical care.

Prior to our very first  1:1 I will send you some very detailed questionnaires to complete that do not just ask you about symptoms and illness, but also about major life events (good and bad), nutrition as you were growing up, maternal and paternal health and much more.  This only needs to be done once but can be updated at any time that we are working together.

Once I receive your completed questionnaires, I will spend a few hours researching your case and putting together your Functional Medicine Timeline.  This will show us what the trends are in your health and also what the triggers and mediators are for your symptoms.  This is the crucial difference between functional medicine and conventional medicine – we look for root causes and treat the systems of the body that are out of balance.  A dysfunction in one system can lead to a myriad of symptoms, so we address symptoms, but never base our diagnosis around them.

On-going 1:1 Consultations

Throughout the coming 6 months we will have very regular contact.

  • Access to secure chat facility where you can post quick questions at any time as and when issues arise.
  • Fortnightly video calls for support, accountability and to agree the steps for the next 2 weeks.
  • Benchmarking to gauge progress.  The medical symptoms questionnaire will be completed monthly.
  • Quality of Life benchmarking will be done at the beginning and end of the 6 months using the World Health Organization PROMIS scale.
What Is functional Medicine timeline

Advantages of a 6-month Transformation Programme

  • Partnering with a functional medicine practitioner and/or health coach makes a successful outcome far more likely than trying to ‘go-it-alone’ in the same way as gym membership is more likely to work for you if you have a personal trainer. In both cases it you can opt to do it yourself with the best of intentions, but human nature often tends to thwart our best endeavours as ‘life gets in the way’.
  • All consultations are done online, so as long as you have internet access, you will have continuity of care wherever you are.
  • The tests are non-invasive which means that no blood draw is needed. So you can get a wealth of information about your health without even leaving the house!
  • The testing kits are sent to you at home for your conveniencethen collected by courier when you are ready.
  • The functional medicine timeline is our ‘working document’ for your health as it changes over time, giving us the ability to spot ‘trends’ in your health with a view to identify warning signs early.
  • An in-depth review of the lab results combined with the findings of the functional medicine timeline to help you fully understand the effect of your lifestyle on your health and make manageable modifications before chronic health problems develop or worsen.

Hopefully this is no longer necessary, but I have a state-of-the-art medical records system that links with the latest research into Covid-19 and the various mutations.  If at any point you develop or are found to have 3 or more of the risk factors for contracting Covid-19, I will proactively get in touch with you to let you know what you can do to boost your immune system naturally to lessen the risk.   As you will be aware, research is emerging on a daily basis so it could be that the risk factors change over the coming months, but because you will already be a client on my system, I will be able to reach out to you right away because I believe that prevention is always better than cure.  Please note, however, that any recommendations I make will be about natural solutions and I will not be drawn on whether or not you should have any of the vaccinations. I believe in your right to make informed choice about your own health and I believe in values based medicine.

How to book your 6-month Transformation Programme

  1. Click the link below to purchase your 6-month transformation package.  Please note that for a £300 reduction in cost, I can send you my bank details for a transfer of the full payment.
  2. Once I receive payment, I will email you a link to 3 questionnaires on a platform called Living Matrix.  This is a secure medical records platform that I use to create your timeline and matrix which will be our working documents throughout the 6 months and beyond.
  3. Book a date in for your Functional Medicine Causality Investigation call.  This will be a 1-hour discussion of your functional medicine timeline and matrix, so when you book the date remember that you will need to have completed the questionnaires and please give me at least  3 working days (Monday to Friday) to go through it before our first video call.
  4. Your Healthie account will be created and can now be used as our secure way of sharing your health information.
  5. The testing kits will be delivered to your home address from Genova Diagnostics with clear instructions. If you have any questions you can contact Simone Buehner via that health portal chat facility.
  6. Once you have provided the specimens, you will be able to book our courier to come and collect them at no cost to you.  If you are doing the DUTCH test, that can be sent back to BioLab using the normal postal service.
  7. You will be contacted through the Healthie platform as soon as we are notified by the lab that your results are available.
  8. Lab results will be uploaded to your profile in the documents section.
6-month Health Transformation Programme

£4,500 single payment

or 4 installments of £1200 (total £4800)

Booking Provided by Healthie


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