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Causality Investigations

In collaboration with Living Matrix and the Institute for Functional Medicine
  • ​​The most comprehensive, cutting-edge Health Assessment tool available
  • ​Ultra-private HIPAA-compliant cloud-based platform
  • ​State-of-the-Art Artificial Intelligence technology for pin-point accuracy
  • ​Used by top-tier functional practitioners to uncover your hidden root causes
  • Analyzes your data scientifically for ongoing, lifetime reference
  • ​Printable color report to share with other health providers, family and friends

What's Your Health Score?

Working in collaboration with Living Matrix and the Institute for Functional Medicine, we use a globally recognized health scoring process that measures the impact of your symptoms and gives it a score out of 200.  An ideal score is less than 15.  You will be invited to complete this questionnaire when we start working together and monthly thereafter so that we can monitor your progress.

  • International Standard recognized by functional medicine practitioners worldwide
  • ​​Analyzes your data scientifically for ongoing, lifetime reference
  • ​Makes it easy to track your progress over time

Functional Medicine Timeline

Illustrates the Progression and Trends of your Health to Date

What Is functional Medicine timeline
  • Provides a picture of your total health history, from womb to present
  • ​​Unravels the “How” and the “Why” you developed your health conditions
  • ​Analyzes your “Triggers for Disease” based on the latest medical discoveries
  • ​Scientifically plots the appearance of your symptoms with known root  triggers
  • Uncovers missing puzzle pieces in your health journey

The Functional Matrix

Illustrates the Body Systems that are worst affected & where intervention will have the greatest impact

Functional Medicine Matrix at 360 Health Consultancy
  • Provides the “Big Picture” view of ALL your health systems
  • ​​​Based on the latest medical findings that your body functions as a whole… with all your systems working together and intertwined
  • ​Puts you in a position of CONTROL — You’re no longer confused
  • ​​No more playing whack-a-mole trying to stay on top of your symptoms because you now have a root cause analysis so you can focus on treating the CAUSE of the symptoms, not the manifestation.
  • ​Helps you to understand clearly where to start
  • ​Allows for personalized, highly focused and targeted care and faster results
  • ​​You’ll never have another doctor appointment where you don’t know where the focus needs to be — you are now in charge!

Global Health Score

World Health Organization Quality of Life Scale

WHO Global Health Score
  • Based on a powerful MSQ (Multi-Symptom Questionnaire) that assesses your physical and mental well being
  • ​Analyzes your overall quality of life between each appointment in real time
  • ​Tracks how you are feeling over time, so you can actually see yourself getting better!
  • ​Shows clear, objective results
  • Gives you powerful motivation to continue toward your health goals

Your Action Plan to Wellness

360 Health Consultancy DARING approach to healthcare
Functional Medicine Near Me
  • 1:1 Discovery Consultation with Simone to piece all this information together
  • We’ll go over your LivingMatrix Health Assessment together
  • You’ll understand where your current health stands from a scientific perspective ​​
  • ​You’ll learn the probable reasons why you developed your illness
  • ​You’ll learn the specific steps to uncover and correct your root causes
  • You’ll know exactly which steps to take next, so you are always in control of your own health outcomes
  • ​​You’ll receive personal and compassionate attention
  • ​I’ll take the time to listen to your questions and concerns then endeavour to shed light on them.

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