Spring Clean your Body Before Lockdown Ends

Spring Clean your Body before Lockdown Ends!

pring 2021 is probably the hardest time ever to emerge into daily life after being locked down over the winter, socially isolating, comfort eating and getting little or no exercise. The end of lockdown will be announced soon and we will try to get into our spring and summer clothes to finally see people again, only to realize that the comfort food and hot winter toddies have taken their toll on our mid-line!

Tight clothing is what we see on the outside. From a functional medicine perspective, it is also important to look at what has been going on on the inside during lockdown…

Visceral Fat vs healthy fat demo for 360 Health Consultancy detox plans

The extra fat we see on the outside is stored beneath our skin, but that is not the most harmful type of fat for our body. Fat can also be stored around our vital organs where it is called ‘visceral fat’ and this can have an extremely damaging effect on our body. What is of even greater concern is that it cannot be seen on the outside so just because someone may look like they are a normal weight, that is no indication of whether they have too much visceral fat that is harming them ‘behind-the-scenes’.  Now is the time to do a really good liver cleanse and system detox, before we come out of lockdown!

Annual Health Check and Liver cleanse and detox plans from 360 Health Consultancy Ltd

Imagine coming out of lockdown full of energy, vitality and feeling healthier after a winter of hibernation…. nice idea, but the reality for most of us is the opposite. Energy levels and cardio-vascular fitness will be a significant challenge. We will walk up the stairs in the office only to find ourselves puffing and panting at the top! Rushing around again after months of inactivity will suddenly seem like a marathon and that’s just for those of us lucky enough not to have caught Covid-19.

Our nutritional needs are very different in a winter of lockdown compared with an active spring. The best way to rid ourselves of the food and drink excesses of the last few months is to do a really effective (yet not difficult) detoxification plan before the end of lockidown,  followed by replenishment of the wholesome nutrients that we need to boost our energy, immunity and mental acuity. For those who have had even a mild bout of Covid-19, it will be critically important to detoxify the body not just at a digestive level, but at a cellular level with the functional medicine Mito diet, or mitochondrial diet. This would be likely to help avoid long-covid according to the current knowledge we have, although that understanding is developing all the time and I am in regular contact with the fantastic team at the Institute of Functional Medicine who update our guidelines as more scientific evidence and understanding comes to light.

Test, Don’t Guess!

Home testing kits from 360 Health Consultancy for hormonal, nutritional and functional analysis.

Although we may know in ourselves that we need to slim down, get fit, cut back on the sugary snacks etc, at 360 Health Consultancy we believe that it makes more sense – and ultimately saves time and money – to test what is happening in your system, don’t guess! With our annual health check you will received highly detailed reports on your hormonal, digestive and immune health. We adopt a highly personalized approach to our clients’ health and wellbeing, so generic solutions are not good enough. We want to tailor your treatment to meet your needs.

  • How are you coping physiologically with the stress you have been under?
  • Are you getting the essential nutrients your body needs?
  • Is your body able to digest and absorb those nutrients?
  • Are you getting enough sleep to rest and recover each day?

All these questions will be answered if you sign up for our Annual Health Check. The tests do not require a blood draw, so all you have to do is poop in a pot and provide a urine sample as well, then the courier will collect them and whisk them off to the lab for analysis!

Functional Nutrition prescriptions from 360 Health Consultancy Ltd

If something is out-of-balance, EG if you are found to have a yeast overgrowth or a parasitic infection (much more common than you may think!) then the lab will culture your specimen and test various pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and botanical agents on it to see what will eliminate it. This means that using simple dietary changes and natural measures, you could become healthier at your core and have a stronger immune system. If you are the sort of person who runs out to buy vitamin C supplements to boost your immunity, this could save you money because you will be able to purchase exactly what your body needs in the short term to create healthier microbiome in the medium and long term.

A Functional Medicine check is not the same as having a full blood count done (although we can arrange that as well if you prefer). The advantage of our health check is that

  • Tests are non-invasive i.e. there is no need for a blood draw. The key tests are stool and urine samples.
  • We will send the testing kits to you at home but we are always on-hand to help explain how to use them if you have any difficulty understanding the instructions.
  • A courier will collect your samples and take them to the lab for you
  • Your test results will be discussed over our secure video-conferencing platform meaning you do not have to leave your own home at any point for this consultation.
  • We will recommend nutraceutical and botanical remedies as well as lifestyle solutions that will help your body to regain equilibrium and build resilience. We believe it is far better to use your food as your medicine in the first instance and certainly before any adverse symptoms arise. This is a true example of prevention being better than cure!
  • This is the ideal health solution for anyone who is shielding as you can find out how resilient your system is before you venture back out.

Book your Annual Health Check here before 15 March 2021 and use code SPRING10 to get 10% discount!

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