Having an annual health check even when you have no symptoms is a way to gain insight into what is happening ‘behind-the-scenes’ before symptoms arise.

Who is the Annual Health Check for?Annual Health Check

If you believe that prevention is better than cure, then the four tests in this annual health check alongside 2 in-depth personal consultations (one before the tests and one after) will give you a look ‘behind-the-scenes’ at how your body is ageing, adapting and coping with your daily stresses and strains.

The test results will show you with a ‘traffic light system’ what is out of balance and how urgently it needs to be addressed.

What is included in the annual health check?

Broadly speaking, we want the answers to 4 questions:

  1. How well is your body adapting physiologically to stress? Stress hormones have a direct effect on all other hormones and body systems, particularly digestion, fertility, sleep, energy levels weight management, clarity of thought etc.
  2. Are you getting enough sleep for your body to heal, renew and build resilience?  If you don’t wake up feeling refreshed, then why not?
  3. Are you getting the right nutrients from your diet for all your systems to function optimally at a cellular level?
  4. Is you body able to effectively process those nutrients and get then to where they are needed for all the systems (immune, cardio-vascular, reproductive, respiratory etc) to function optimally?

Advantages of our tests

  • Non-invasive which means that no blood draw is needed. For this annual review we only require saliva, urine and stool samples.
  • The testing kits are sent to you at home for your convenience, then collected by courier when you are ready.
  • Identify trends year-on-year by creating a functional medicine timeline to see what has got you to this point in your health journey, then adding to the timeline each year giving you continuity of care and giving us the ability to spot ‘trends’ in your health with a view to identify potential warning signs early.
  • An in-depth review of the lab results combined with the findings of the functional medicine timeline to help you fully understand the effect of your lifestyle on your health and make manageable modifications before chronic health problems develop or worsen.

The 4 Lab Tests We Use in this Annual Review

to find out how well you are coping with the level of stress you are under, or if stress hormones are knocking your other hormones out of balance.

This saliva test measures your wake-sleep hormones to assess your ability to sleep soundly and feel refreshed when it is time to start a new day.

This excellent and very detailed report indicates whether you have the right nutrients in your body for the cells to function at their best and for you to have the energy you need.  It also looks at oxidative stress which is the ageing process, not just in your appearance, but inside your body as well.  This video explains it very clearly.

The Metabolomix+ Profile report uses a traffic light system for you to see which nutrients are lacking in your system.   It includes a Suggested Supplement Schedule that provides personalized recommendations based on test results.

This is a very detailed 12-page report looking at how your digestive system is functioning.  This test looks for maldigestion, inflammation (the main cause of chronic disease), dysbiosis (the balance of good vs bad bacteria which is particularly important for anyone who has been on antibiotics), metabolic imbalance and infection. In each of these 5 categories, your body is ranked 1-10 on whether there is a low need for support, a moderate need or a high need for support right away.

How to Book Your Annual Health Check

  1. Click the link below to purchase your annual health check. (Note: one is for ladies, the other for men because of the intake questions you will need to answer)
  2. Book a date in for your first 1:1 consultation on the next page.
  3. Your Healthie account will be created and can now be used as our secure way of sharing your health information.
  4. The laboratory testing kits will be delivered to your home address with clear instructions. If you have any questions you can contact Simone Buehner via that health portal chat facility.
  5. Once you have provided the specimens, you will be able to book our courier to come and collect them at no cost to you.
  6. You will be contacted through the Healthie platform as soon as we are notified by the lab that your results are available.
  7. Lab results will be uploaded to your profile for you to look at prior to our Lab Review consultation.



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