Combat Chronic Fatigue

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Causative Investigations

Step 2

1:1 Consultation

Step 3

Lab Tests

Step 4

6-month Restorative Plan
Can Functional Medicine Help Me?

Medical Symptoms Questionnaire

Your Functional Health Score devised by the Institute for Functional Medicine is an assessment of the extent to which your symptoms are affecting your daily life.  You will be taken through a series of questions and the answers will be submitted to me so I can calculate your score out of 200.  An ideal score is less than 15 so the higher your score, the more benefit you would get from professional intervention rather than trying to manage everything yourself.

You are welcome to check your health score for FREE anytime by clicking this button.  If you decide to become a regular client, I will keep a log of your scores each month and we will be able to measure the effects of the interventions to ensure you are getting the results you need.  Please note that you will need to complete this quiz on a laptop or desktop computer as it is not yet compatible with phones or tablets.

Causality Investigations

When you have been accepted as a client, you will be invited to complete 3 questionnaires as part of the initial investigations.  The more detail you can provide in these crucial early steps, the better, so you may need to save your answers and come back to it later hen you have found out more dates or inforamtion.

in addition to being asked about your own health history, it is helpful (although not essential) if you can obtain information from your parents about their health when you were conceived, how your Mum was during the pregnancy, whether you were breast fed, what childhood illnesses you had, what conditions run in the family etc.   This helps me to understand your heath during your early formative years because it could be that your current symptoms have been developing behind the scenes for a long time.

These 3 questionnaires will need to be completed on a desktop or laptop computer rather than your mobile device or tablet.

Investigations beyond Physical Symptoms

Broadly speaking, we want the answers to certain questions in order to understand the probable cause of YOUR chronic fatigue symptoms (which may well be different from someone else’s, hence the need for a personalized plan.)

  1. Is there an underlying hormonal imbalance that is causing your chronic fatigue?
  2. Are you getting enough good quality sleep and do your symptoms improve with rest or not?
  3. Does your body have the right nutrients for all the chemical reactions to take place that are required for energy production at a cellular level?
  4. Is you body able to effectively process those nutrients and get then to where they are needed for all the systems (immune, cardio-vascular, reproductive, respiratory etc) to function optimally?
  5. Is your body eliminating toxins effectively at both a cellular and systemic level?
  6. Has your long-term poor health led to other problems that are making it worse EG leaky gut syndrome, insomnia, depression and high levels of stress or pain.

We get the answers to these questions by using non-invasive stool, saliva and urine tests that you can do at home.

Which Tests Are Included in the Price?

The value of these tests alone is over £1000 and I have included them so that we can get a true and detailed picture of what is happening behind-the-scenes in your hormonal health, your circadian rhythm, your digestive function and your nutrient levels.  There are so many different causes of chronic fatigue syndrome that I believe this combination of tests will help us to get to the root cause of your health problems so that we can address the specific imbalances and deficiencies in a way that will improve your health for the long term so that your recovery can be sustained well beyond our time working together.

These saliva tests give an accurate indication of your hormonal balance over a period of time so we can see the functioning of what is called your HPA axis.  In this way we can begin to understand what level of physiological stress your body is under and how you are responding to it.  When you are stressed, other bodily functions shut down leading to a cascade of health problems that would not necessarily be picked up by your GP, but which contribute significantly to a loss of quality of life in people with CFS.

This saliva test measures your wake-sleep hormones to assess your ability to sleep soundly and feel refreshed when it is time to start a new day.

This is a very detailed 12-page report looking at how your digestive system is functioning.  This test looks for maldigestion, inflammation (the main cause of chronic disease), dysbiosis (the balance of good vs bad bacteria which is particularly important for anyone who has been on antibiotics), metabolic imbalance and infection. In each of these 5 categories, your body is ranked 1-10 on whether there is a low need for support, a moderate need or a high need for support right away.

This excellent and very detailed report indicates whether you have the right nutrients in your body for the cells to function at their best and for you to have the energy you need.  It also looks at oxidative stress which is the ageing process, not just in your appearance, but inside your body as well.  This video explains it very clearly.

Mitochondrial Food Plan

Using your food as your medicine is particularly important when addressing chronic fatigue syndrome.  Certain foods will definately make your symptoms worse whilst other foods will dramatically improve your energy and quality of life.

I will introduce you to the Mitochondrial food plan from the Institute for Functional Medicine which will help support your body and your energy at a cellular level.

Advantages of Partnering with Simone

  • No more ‘going it alone’ and trying lots of therapies that don’t seem to work.  Simone will be your Partner from Discovery to Recovery.  I will not only recommend which tests and therapies may work for you, but I will discourage you from wasting money on unnecessary or inappropriate treatments.
  • No more repeating your symptoms and history to every health practitioner you meet.  Our online portal will have a timeline of your health history, any interventions, diet plans, exercise plans and other relevant information needed.  If you choose to share this with your healthcare team, Simone will co-ordinate a strategy of ‘joined-up-thinking’ with your other  healthcare providers so we can all work together for your wellbeing and the best possible outcome.
  • All our consultations are done online to relieve you of the stress and exhaustion of going out to your appointments.
  • You have access to my calendar so you can book or reschedule appointments for your convenience.
  • All the recommended tests are non-invasive which means that no blood draw is needed.
  • The testing kits are sent to you at home for your conveniencethen collected by courier when you are ready.
  • Simone will identify trends that have developed year-on-year by creating a functional medicine timeline to see what has got you to this point in your health journey, then adding to the timeline each year giving you continuity of care and giving us the ability to spot ‘trends’ in your health with a view to identify potential warning signs early.
  • No more confusion, isolation and lack of hope.  Simone will help you fully understand the root causes of your health problems so that you will be empowered to make lifestyle and eating habits that will help you turn a corner towards a happier, healthier future where you will be able to reach your full potential without being held back by worsening chronic health problems.
Combat Chronic Fatigue

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