Sue Worrall, Nutritionist, 71

Nutritionist of 30 years recommends working with Simone

Name / Descriptor
Primary Health GoalI needed a functional medicine practitioner whom I could trust to work with my clients
City, CountryCardiff, UK
nutritionist recommends functional medicine

When did you begin to experience health problems?

I have worked in nutrition for over 30 years, but as the science of nutrigenomics has developed, I wanted someone who I could work with who understands the lab tests.  There are so few people qualified in functional medicine across the UK compared with the USA and Simone is the only practitioner in Wales who is registered with the Institute for Functional Medicine so I feel very fortunate to have worked with her for so many years.

How did functional medicine help you?

Again, this is about how I can help my clients.  So often my clients tell me they are trying to lose weight and they are ‘eating healthily’ but have reached a plateau.  There can be many reasons for this but having access to someone who can run gut analysis tests on them really helps to explain how inflammation, yeast infections, parasitic infections, insulin resistance and so many other things can influence their ability to lose weight.  Having the detailed reports in print makes a huge difference an it also gives us something to measure success with.

What was the most challenging aspect of your healthcare programme?

The whole process works really smoothly.  Simone arranges for the lab testing kit to be sent directly to my client at home.  They provide the sample – urine, saliva, stool or breath – then the client goes online to arrange a time for the courier to pick it up and whisk it away to the laboratory.  Around 3-4 weeks later Simone gets in touch with the results.

It doesn’t always take that long, but if the lab finds a yeast or parasitic infection, for example, they will keep it longer to cultivate the sample and try out different foods and medication to see what is the best treatment option.  It’s great that the lab recommends food that works but also tells us what conventional medicine works if needed.

How were you helped to overcome that?

Simone not only does the lab tests for people, but she has a BRILLIANT system for measuring outcomes.  She plots all the measurements you would expect but also something unique to functional medicine called the Medical Symptom Questionnaire which gives clients a rating out of 200 according to how their symptoms are affecting their daily life EG being overweight can affect sleep, energy, cardiac function etc. She repeats this assessment with them each month and plots the score on a graph so we can measure progress.

But it’s not all about waist measurements and weight with Simone!  She also uses the World Health Organization Global Health Scale which measures how you are feeling ‘in yourself.’  I love this holistic approach!

What would you say to anyone considering starting treatment with Simone?

As a nutritionist I have been a raving fan of Acupuncture for some time but having treatments and working with Simone has been even better than I anticipated. She has a wealth of experience not just as a practicing acupuncturist but in holistic health including nutrition and herbal medicine. She has an intuitive and thorough way of working and I have had great reports form clients I have referred to her. When your body is blocked with stress and long term underlying problems messages, hormones and enzymes can’t do their best to keep us mentally and physically healthy. I feel so fortunate to have such a brilliant health practitioner in my area.


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