Simone is a truly amazing practitioner. A serious upper back injury had left me with severe muscle triggers (knots or sticky muscles as one Physio called them), causing the muscles to contract to such a degree they caused a curvature of the spine. Although there was a great deal of relief through conventional medicine in the year immediately following injury, there remained a significant amount of pain and still the spine curvature. Over the next five years I saw a variety of physiotherapists, a chiropractor and an acupuncturist practicing traditional Chinese medicine only. There were some improvements, but all were short lived and in some instances the treatment made the condition positively worse. I was convinced in my own mind acupuncture was still my best chance for significant improvement.. I came across Simone through internet search and attended her clinic in Penarth. She listened attentively to my long story and began treatment. After a few sessions it was predominantly the combination of deep massage (she uses her elbow so be prepared), and electro acupuncture which seemed to provided the most promise. At first there did not appear to be a significant improvement, but this changed after about five treatments. Then after about the the eighth treatment the major triggers were just gone and my spine was more or less straight again for the first time in almost six years. She was also able to provide me with significant relief for hip pain.
Simone is a dedicated, passionate and in my opinion highly skilled professional whom I have no hesitation in recommending.