Luxury car Salesman, 42

Able to return to work, pain-free

Name / DescriptorLuxury Car salesman
Primary Health GoalAlleviate back pain so I can get back to work
City, CountryCardiff, UK
natural treatment for chronic backache testimonial

When did you begin to experience health problems?

My first symptoms began years ago, but it came on gradually, probably because of my job  I spend a lot of time on my feet all day long or else I’m driving long distances to pick up or drop off cars. I’ve seen a chiropractor who says my disks have degenerated now.  I’m walking like an old man, some days I can hardly move when I stand up so I’ve missed loads of time off work.

How did functional medicine help you?

What surprized me and was different to any other treatment I have had is that Simone asked me about every single aspect of my health.  I thought she would just want to know where the pain was, how bad it was and stuff like that, but she asked about my eating habits, my sleeping habits, my shoes and even about whether I was depressed.  I hadn’t been asked that before but she just linked everything together and made sense of it.  I was feeling very low when I first went to see her because the pain was just getting to me and nothing seemed to help.  I had tried physio, chiropractic, pain-killers but nothing worked.

The acupuncture was a complete game-changer but she also used heat, cupping, massage and she gave me exercises to do taht I could actually manage.

What was the most challenging aspect of your healthcare programme?

Basically, I had given up by the time I tried acupuncture.  I wasn’t expecting it to work, so when I noticed an improvement right from the first session, the hardest part was firstly in believing that it wasn’t just a fluke and secondly I had to remember to take it easy after the sessions.  I was so desperate to get back to normal that sometimes I overdid it, but each session gave me hope.

How were you helped to overcome that?

The main thing that helped me address the challenge was just the results, really.  Every little improvement helped me to believe that I could beat this.

What would you say to anyone considering starting treatment with Simone?

After spending well over £1,000 on various treatments to alleviate my on going back pain I finally stumbled across acupuncture…….. even better, I found Simone. After several years of excruciating pain, time off work sick, continuously spending money and eventually wondering where to turn, Simone came to the rescue. I can’t recommend Simone enough, she listened to what I had to say and adapted the treatment according to my problems at the time. The improvement was remarkable and I still find it hard to believe that acupuncture could make such a difference when everything else I tried had failed so dismally. I have been completely converted from a non believer. If you are suffering and struggling to find a fix then I absolutely 100% recommend you call Simone, she’s given me a new lease of life.

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