Who is this for?

Everyone will need to go through the ‘discovery’ stage so that we can start our functional medicine investigation into your health issues.

What is covered in the price?

  • Very detailed on-boarding questionnaire that you will complete online via our electronic medical record system called Living Matrix.  This is specifically designed to hold sensitive medical data securely and in compliance with GDPR and HIPAA
  • Once you have submitted your intake form, you will be invited to book a 60-minute online 1:1 consultation with Simone Buehner, Director of 360 Health Consultancy.
  • Simone will then process, analyze and piece together all the information you have provided to form a timeline of your health problems, detailing antecedents, triggers, mediating factors, mental, emotional and practical aspects of your life that have led you to this point.
  • Once all this data has been gathered and organized, Simone will make recommendations for you regarding which laboratory tests you could benefit from, how much they would cost and how you would go about ordering them.  It is a very straightforward process and we have a great account manager at the laboratory who will arrange delivery and collection of your samples from your home.

What is NOT included in the cost of the Discovery Consultation

  • Laboratory tests
  • Analysis of lab results
  • On-going support and implementation plans


There are different intake questions for men and women, so to book your appointment,  so ladies please click here and gentlemen please click here.




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