How we Work Together

Functional Medicine is a marathon, not a sprint, but the end result is likely to improve the length and quality of your life.

You have seen on the front page that I take a D.A.R.I.N.G. approach to healthcare, so now you know what that stands for, it is time to explain how that approach is put into practice.

My clients typically come to me by word-of-mouth because either they have had a health scare but were unable to get medical care beyond the treatment of acute symptoms so someone they know recommended me, or because they have heard about functional medicine and how much it helps prevent long term chronic health problems caused by long working hours, stress, hormonal imbalance, poor diet and inadequate sleep.

Whatever the starting point, my goal is to offer a way for you to get the balance right between your health and your wealth because I believe both are mutually dependent.  I am here as your Chief Health Officer to keep your health in check, to pre-emptively spot any warning signs and keep you on your A-game so that you can focus on your career.


Functional Medicine Approach

Understanding the Functional Medicine Approach to your health will explain why our partnership is so very different from what you experience with a conventional medicine doctor.  In order to get to the root cause of your health problems, we need to group your symptoms into body systems then look at which systems are the most out-of-balance and why.  This can be due to genetic imbalances, trauma, bereavement, stress, injury, illness, psycho-emotional issues and many other factors.  For this reason, we will spend a great deal of time laying out the pieces of this jigsaw into your Functional Medicine Timeline and Functional Medicine Matrix and you will see ow this is a highly personalized approach to your health and the diagnosis and treatment will be equally tailored to meet your needs.


Functional Medicine Matrix

When you first sign up for the Initial Functional Medicine consultation, you will be invited to complete several detailed questionnaires.  Before our first meeting, I will take this information and arrange it into what is called the Functional Medicine Matrix which will form a working document for our treatment plans.  The matrix is a visual representation of 7 main body systems so you will be able to see which system each of your symptoms falls under.  This means that instead of treating symptoms, I will focus on whichever system is most out of balance, so that we can get to the root cause of your health problems as well as optimize (or biohack) your system for optimal performance.


Lab Tests

Functional lab tests allow us to see what is happening in your body at a cellular level because the changes happen here much earlier than they do at a structural level.  This means that when you go to your GP complaining of certain symptoms, the anatomical tests such as a colonoscopy, X-ray etc may not show any symptoms at this stage.  Functional testing, by contrast, shows systemic changes far earlier.  The ability to see what is happening at a cellular level or ‘behind-the-scenes’ as I refer to it, is a powerful diagnostic tool that can not only shed light on your current symptoms, but it gives us information on your underlying health even BEFORE your symptoms arise.  Genome testing is another way we can understand your health and use your nutrition and lifestyle to lessen the likelihood of unwanted genes being triggered, even if something runs in your family.



The lab tests and investigation tools I use are informative, but what really matters is how YOU, my client, feel during and after our time working together.  For this reason, I use to World health Organization PROMIS framework so we can gauge the effect of your treatment on your quality of life.  PROMIS stands for Patient Reported Outcome Measurement Information System. This is a  dynamic tool where how you feel is logged on a graph so we can chart it over time.


Healthie TeleMedicine Platform

Healthie is the platform I have selected for you to use to schedule, cancel or re-arrange your appointments, ut it offers far more than just that.  We will have secure video conferencing and chat facilities for consultations or quick advice, I can post your lab results, meal plans, useful videos and reading material, goal setting reminders, FitBit integration and exercise charting, online courses and webinars.  Watch the video to find out more.


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