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Let’s identify where you are now and where you want to be…

Check your Health Score

Health Score

Click here to compete the quiz and find out your health score.  The quiz is out of 200. If you are perfectly fit and healthy you will score less than 15.

Causality Investigations

Causality Investigations

Stand Alone for PAYG Option

Annual Checkup

Annual Health Check

Click here for details on our annual health check

Mindful Menopause


Choose from 3 Plans to balance your hormones.

Combat Chronic Fatigue

Combat CFS

This 6-month all-inclusive plan has been designed to investigate the many causes of chronic fatigue and analyze what will help ease symptoms for you personally.

Fertility Accelerator Plan

Couples Fertility Accelerator

Clear Mind

Clear Mind

6-month all-Inclusive plan to beat brain fog, improve memory and reduce stress

Overcome Food Intolerance

Food Intolerance

This 6-month all-inclusive plan to restore digestive function

Regulate Immune Function

Regulate Immunity

6-month all-inclusive Plan to boost your immune function

Frequently Asked Questions

I want a complete solution with no hidden costs

Our all-inclusive 6-month transformation plans include the cost of all consultations, the main lab tests that you need, lab review consultations, diet plan with regular reviews, exercise routine, secure chat facility for quick questions and support, FitBit tracking and online courses, videos and monthly progress and accountability 1:1 sessions to ensure you are getting the results you want.

I want a more affordable Pay-As-You-Go Solution

The Causality Investigations will give you all the foundational information you need to understand your health issues and what has led you to this point, the kind of dietary and lifestyle changes you can make to improve your situation and prevent it from worsening.  I will recommend lab tests that will be helpful for you but you can purchase them as and when you are able then book a Lab Review and Strategy session with me to interpret the results and get further recommendations.  This is a DIY plan where you are given the information and clarification you need to implement for yourself.  If, within one month of receiving your written (emailed) report you decide that you would prefer to have a fully supported 6-month transformation package, 50% of the cost of the Causality Investigation will be deducted from the cost of the Transformation package.

I know something is wrong, but I don’t know if functional medicine is right for me….

Go to the Find Out Your Health Score button to be taken to the free IFM questionnaire about your symptoms. I will receive a copy of your answers along with your health score marked out of 200 with an ideal score being less than 15.  We will then have a chat over the phone about your symptoms, their severity and their impact on your quality of life.  I will be able to explain how functional medicine could help you and we would decide whether or not to proceed.

I don’t have any major symptoms but I’m noticing signs of ageing creeping in and I have been under a lot of stress.

If you don’t have any symptoms but want to see what is going on ‘behind the scenes’ then the annual health check is the perfect place to start as it covers all the lab tests and consultations you need.

I want to go ahead and start improving my health once and for all.

The all-inclusive 6-month Transformation Programmes offer a comprehensive solution that includes all the consultations and very detailed lab tests that will give us all the insight we need to start improving your health at a core level.  You will have the security of knowing there are no hidden costs and that you will have access to Simone throughout the 6 months as your Partner from Discovery to Recovery.  This is ideal for people who feel they have ‘tried everything and nothing works’ because you and Simone can piece together what has triggered your symptoms right from the start, then what has kept them going or even made them worse.  As an ‘outsider’ Simone is likely to see why the options you have tried so far have not worked and what may be a better approach.  She will also work closely enough with you for you to feel fully supported yet at the same time you will be accountable for making the changes that need to be made.  Having a health coach is like having a gym instructor to help you get fit or a financial advisor to improve your wealth – you do the work but under their impartial guidance, support and encouragement to keep you on track heading towards your ultimate goals.

My condition is not listed in the Transformation programmes on this page.

Don’t worry!  I have only listed the most common programmes, but functional medicine is always tailored to you as an individual anyway, so i will be able to put together an appropriate plan for you after your initial consultation.  


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