Who is this programme for?

If you have been told you are pre-diabetic or if you already have Type II Diabetes, there is a lot that we can do working together to help you regain control of your sugar levels.  The programe will involve changes in lifestyle, eating and exercise which is simple to know but much harder to put into practice, which is why Simone will be there for you as your Healthcare Partner from ‘discovery to recovery’ – lets get to the root cause of your health issues and work backwards.

How long will the programme last?

Because this will involve lifestyle changes that need to be introduced at a rate that is realistic and achievable for you, the minimum period is 4 months, but if you need to lose weight then it may take longer depending upon many factors.  For this reason, Simone offers 3, 6 or 12-month programmes.  Everyone starts at a different level and also has differing abilities to commit to change, some may need additional support such as counselling a personal trainer etc, all of which we can arrange through our portal but it is not possible to say how long it will take for you to get back to a sustained ‘normal’ level, we can only say that with dedication and commitment it is definitely possible and Simone is here to help and encourage you every step of the way.

How much does it Cost?

This is a fully-supported plan which means that I will be your health partner ‘from discovery to recovery’.  I will work with you on a 1:1 basis throughout the 4 months as we explore the reasons underlying your diabetes together.  I have a great many ‘tools in the box’ but no-one knows your body better than you, so there will be a lot of questions, a lot of tweaking as we go along, a lot of mental and emotional support.  For more information on the process, please have a look at the videos on the ‘How We Work Together’ page.

In order to support you to the best of my ability, we will be using a health portal which will allow us to communicate securely online.  We will have video conferencing sessions, there is a secure chat facility, goal setting and accountability reminders, bespoke diet plans, an area where we can share your lab test results and if you choose to you can share your whole treatment plan with other practitioners involved in your care.  The goal is to support you thoroughly so that you have continuity of care that will get you to a point where you are no longer classed as being ‘diabetic’ or ‘pre-diabetic’.

The cost of this unparalleled support is £2,997 for the first four months. If you have complex issues that require longer to address (ie. a lot of weight to lose, mental and emotional support or counselling etc) then you may wish to jump straight to the 6-month plan which is £4,997 or the 12-month plan which is £7.997.

Additional Costs

There are no mandatory additional costs, just ‘extras’ that will help you achieve your goals much faster. These include nutritional supplements that you may need to take to ‘kick start’ the process, or items for a detoxification programme but again, this can be done from your regular food budget if necessary.  Laboratory testing is another ‘tool in the box’ that can help speed things up. Here are some examples of tests that I would be likely to recommend.  If you go ahead, you will be invited to pay the lab testing company directly.  They take care of all the shipping requirements, so the tests are sent to your house, you provide a stool, urine or saliva sample and then let the lab’s courier service know when the samples are ready for them to come and collect from you.

Comprehensive GI Analysis £560

This is an extremely thorough test that analyzes stool samples over a 3-day period. It is singularly the most informative and beneficial of all the panels I work with because it provides so much information about your gut health which is absolutely central to everything, not just your diabetes – your energy levels, the ageing process, your immunity, your ability to adapt to changes and stress etc.  Everyone associates insulin with diabetes, but in fact it plays a critical role in the balance of a great many other hormones in your body, so it is very important that we understand your gut health overall.

There are blood test s that you may be well advised to have, but these are not included here because e would need to find a local phlebotomist who could do the blood draw for you and there is usually an additional cost for that.  The testing kits are available for you, though, and can be sent for you to take to a phlebotomist should the need arise.

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