Functional Medicine Clinic Wales


All the information from your initial consultation, lab tests and my recommendations will be sent to you in a very detailed report along with appropriate personalized nutrition plans and lifestyle recommendations.

The Functional Medicine TimelineWhat Is functional Medicine timeline

This is a visual representation of your health journey from birth to the present day, showing you clusters of symptoms so we can identify what is triggering your health problems and work towards building physiological resilience.


The Functional Medicine Matrix

What is Functional Medicine MatrixAll your symptoms will be plotted on a matrix with 7 nods, one for each of 7 key systems in the body. This is important because we can then identify which processes are going wrong and tackle that at source rather than just treating symptoms like conventional western medicine does.   When we know where most of the problems are, we can order lab tests to delve deeper and see what is happening ‘behind-the-scenes’ and also use that as a preventative tool before any further outward symptoms arise.

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