No time To Be Ill

No Time To Be Ill?

5 tips for Senior Managers to Stay Healthy

You are the cornerstone of your business, but if your health is under par, then so is your business and the person sitting across the boardroom table from you knows it.  Do not let them get a competitive advantage over you on something you can control.

As business owners, we all strive to be the successful bread-winner who supports our families, we help our clients achieve their goals and ambitions and maybe we even help charities who depend on our success.  We simply have no time to be Ill.  The ‘what if…’ scenario of  being unable to work due to ill health is unthinkable, yet look at Oscar Munoz who was active, seemingly fit and healthy at 56 years of age, yet 37 days into his role as CEO of American Airlines, he had a heart attack that led to a complete heart transplant. It was reported that it was only because he had led a healthy lifestyle that he survived at all. No Time To BE Ill

You may not have noticed that your GP surgery is never full of self-employed people or Senior Managers, but that is not because we are healthier than the rest of the population!  A quick glance at the table opposite shows which are the most stressful roles in the workplace.  They are also the most crucial roles in your business, so if these staff are not healthy enough to function at peak performance, then your business is unstable  because its key workers could be taken ill without warning and be forced into long term sick leave.

No Time To Be Ill Tip 1: Prevention is Better Than Cure

Book an Annual Health Check here BEFORE symptoms arise.

Preventative healthcare is different from taking out health insurance or loss of earnings insurance because we can arrange that once then forget about it until and unless it is needed.  Prevention of illness is very different.  Everyone says ‘prevention is better than cure’ but do we really mean it?  Prevention of illness requires a little effort more often to keep it on track yet somehow we all feel that focusing on health means we will find something wrong.

In my 17 years of experience of running my own healthcare clinic after I left the corporate world, I have found the opposite to be true.  I get to know my clients and over time I have been able to spot things going awry BEFORE they become problematic and in many instances even before the symptoms arise (Chinese Medicine is very much aimed at prevention rather than cure!).  Most of my clients have been having ‘maintenance’ consultations for years in order to get continuity of care and they have adopted healthy lifestyle routines so that when they do have check-ups they are not afraid of getting the results partly because they know they have kept an eye on their health and partly because they trust their body to have become resilient enough to fight back if they do get unwelcome test results.

No Time To Be Ill Tip 2: De-gauss your body as you would your computer!

Start A Regular Detox Plan

We all take computers for granted.  They  get slower gradually over a period of time but usually we do not even notice it happening until we suddenly need it to do something urgent and it just isn’t up to the job.  It lets us down when we need it the most because we were too busy to stop and de-gaus it.

Look at functional medicine as your ‘degauser’.

  • How much more efficient and effective you would be at work if your mind and body were performing optimally?
  • How much more clear-headed would you be in decision-making.
  • How much resilience would you have to combat unforeseen illness and to recover much faster.

Unlike conventional wester medicine tests, Functional medicine tests are not diagnostic for serious illnesses.  Rather they give an insight into how your body is functioning.  Do your systems need a tune-up? Are you getting the most nourishment and energy from your food?  Is your brain clear and alert?

Good health does not come by chance, it requires focus and commitment. I would like us to work together so you can focus on your business and I will focus on your health.

I can run simple saliva, stool, urine or breath tests to find out what is going on behind-the-scenes in terms of de-gausing (inflammation, dysbiosis, immune function etc) and tailor a care plan specifically suited to your needs, time constraints, dietary preferences, exercise preferences and whatever else you need me and my team to factor in.

Treatment solutions are natural, gentle yet effective, geared towards healthy eating, mindfulness, appropriate exercise and appropriate short-term nutritional supplementation as and when necessary.

No Time To Be Ill Tip 3: Invest in your mental health as your would invest in your business

Begin a Mental Health and Wellbeing Programme

There is nothing worse than arriving at a meeting feeling tired, stressed, sluggish or under par, especially if the person sitting across the table is in peak performance.  This puts you at a distinct disadvantage and will be immediately obvious to others in the room.

Looking healthy, radiant and mentally alert can win you business, retain clients and propel you to greater success.  However, it does not happen just by chance and if you do not invest time in taking care of your health, then you will, at some stage, be forced to make time to be ill, possibly at the most inopportune time, either due to chronic stress, heart attack or stroke as these are the most common illnesses to strike business owners and senior managers.

Investing in your health is not just an investment in your business success, but also in your relationships and quality of life.  A good starting point would be the Annual Health Check which provides an excellent foundation for understanding of your level of health before any symptoms arise.

If you have any questions please book a free 15-minute discovery call or email  hello@360HealthConsultancy.com

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