Who this is for

  • Those at risk of contracting Covid-19 because of the nature of their work EG healthcare workers, Emergency Services, key workers, business owners who have to return to work etc.
  • Those who have had Covid-19 and are suffering from the long–term effects known as ‘long Covid’.
  • Those who are in high-risk categories for serious complications if they do catch Covid-19 EG people who are over-weight or obese (BMI 30+)

What does it include?

  • Very thorough 1:1 Discovery consultation and intake forms
  • Functional Medicine Timeline
  • Functional Medicine Matrix Summary
  • Relevant testing kits will be delivered to your home with detailed instructions on use
  • Courier service will collect your specimens from your home (you will receive details of how to arrange collection with your kit)
  • All packaging and shipping costs included
  • Very detailed lab reports with recommendations regarding supplementation and quantities.
  • 1:1 Consultation to discuss the findings, recommendations and the next steps.

What it does NOT include

Please note that there is no known cure for Covid-19 or so-called ‘long-Covid’.  The information provided by the consultations and the lab testing kits is to give you a clear picture of what is taking place in your gut microbiome and, where indicated, what the genomic panels indicate you may be predisposed towards.  This information will be used to help you reach optimal health using diet, lifestyle and nutraceutical interventions to reduce the pre-existing toxic load and inflammation. It is neither meant to be a replacement for nor an endorsement of any pharmaceutical interventions, it is about helping you to be as naturally healthy possible.  There are no guarantees that you will not contract Covid-19 or that you will suddenly recover from long covid.

How long does it last?

The programme is divided into two sections.  The Discovery Consultation, Functional Medicine Timeline, Functional Medicine Matrix and laboratory testing are covered with these Bronze, Silver or Gold Plans and will aim to get to the root cause of your health problems.  This personalized healthcare approach is particularly beneficial to clients with long covid because of the symptoms being so different for everyone.

Once all the information has been gathered and the test results analyzed, you will have another consultation to discuss the findings.  This may be 3-4 weeks after you have sent off the specimens because some stool samples may need to be ‘cultured’ to see what, if anything, grows and then the information needs to be compared with the reports from our 1:1 consultations.

After you have had this consultation, you will be offered three choices: to take the lab results and recommendations and implement a plan of your own, to have a plan put together for you to follow, or to have a fully supported package to help motivate you, answer questions and keep you accountable for the lifestyle changes to be effective.

How much does it cost?

There are 3 packages to choose from depending on your budget, the complexity of your symptoms, your age, the length of time you have been suffering or whether you have no symptoms and just want to know what is happening ‘behind-the-scenes’.

It is worth bearing in mind that the more thorough the testing in the early stages, the more effective and targeted the treatment can be, which will not only bring about faster results but will also prevent deterioration by building resilience.

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Chronic Fatigue Panel

Adrenal Stress Profile

Metabolic Analysis Profile


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Long Covid Resistance Resilience and Recovery Silver Plan

Comprehensive Adrenal Stress Profile

Cortisol Awakening Response

Metabolomics+ Genomics Profile


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Long Covid Resistance Resilience and Recovery Gold Plan

Comprehensive Adrenal Stress Profile

Cortisol Awakening Response

Metabolomics+ Genomics Profile

Comprehensive GI Effects Panel

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