All practitioners of functional medicine believe that prevention is better than cure.  Any ‘niggling symptoms’ that you may have but that are not bad enough to go to the doctor with are often your body trying to tell you something.  In most cases, people ignore or do not recognize these warning signs until more drastic symptoms force them to go to the doctor.  At this stage, Western Medicine typically treats the symptoms, but not the underling cause, so very often the situation develops into.a chronic health problem that keeps recurring.  Often people put this down to ‘getting older’, when in reality there is a lot that can be done to slow down the ageing process (or to stop the habits that are causing our bodies to age prematurely).

Functional medicine can be of benefit in any chronic or long-standing health problem, particularly one that has not responded well to other more conventional treatments.  The reason for this is that we look back through your health from childhood and even pre-natally to see what patterns began to develop and when.  Understanding the progression of the condition even when symptoms seemed to mild as to go unnoticed helps us to get a deeper understanding of how to ‘reverse engineer’ the imbalance.