At 360 Health Consultancy, Simone offers online consultations to clients around the world.  Consultations take place on a GDPR, HIPAA-compliant healthcare platform called Healthie, where you can schedule TeleMedicine consultations or send a secure ‘chat’ message to Simone throughout the duration of your package. There are training courses, information and advice sheets, videos, access to your lab test results and much, much more all in one place.  Many healthcare professionals use this platform, so you could choose to add your other providers to it so they can see your treatment to far. Any lab tests you need will be sent by courier to your home address and will be collected from there once you have provided a saliva, stool, urine or breath sample.  Blood testing kits can be sent to you for certain tests, but you will need to find a local phlebotomist to draw the blood.