Can Functional Medicine help treat Obesity

Yes, most definitely.  There are a great many reasons for people to have weight management problems that cannot be permanently resolved using diet plans alone.  Because functional medicine looks at the root cause of disease, we will run cutting edge stool analysis to find out what good and bad bacteria you have in your system, […]

Can Functional Medicine help Long Covid?

While there is no current ‘cure’ for Covid-19 or long-covid, there is a lot that can be done using functional medicine to help the body prevent or limit the symptoms of the infection as well as to promote recovery and increase resilience to this and any other infection by strengthening the immune system, reaching an […]

Can functional medicine help auto-immune diseases?

Yes. There are a great many autoimmune diseases, but the core issue is that the body is mistakenly recognizing its own tissues as harmful, so it gets ‘caught in the crossfire’ and the body attacks itself. Every autoimmune disease becomes connected by one central biochemical process: A runaway immune response resulting from your body attacking […]

Can functional medicine be used for infertility?

Definitely!  In the UK around 70% of couples are given a diagnosis of ‘unexplained infertility’ but with functional medicine we can get a lot closer to understanding the root cause of any hormonal or emotional imbalance and you would then be given nutrition, supplement, meditation and lifestyle advice that will help ease your body naturally […]

What can functional medicine do for you?

All practitioners of functional medicine believe that prevention is better than cure.  Any ‘niggling symptoms’ that you may have but that are not bad enough to go to the doctor with are often your body trying to tell you something.  In most cases, people ignore or do not recognize these warning signs until more drastic […]

Can I get Functional Medicine in the UK?

The vast majority of functional medicine practitioners are in the USA, but it is gaining popularity in the UK at a very fast rate.  Simone Buehner at Barefoot Medicine is based in the UK but also offers online TeleMedicine appointments and 3-, 6- and 12-month support packages to be your companion on your journey from […]

How do I find a functional medicine practitioner near me?

At 360 Health Consultancy, Simone offers online consultations to clients around the world.  Consultations take place on a GDPR, HIPAA-compliant healthcare platform called Healthie, where you can schedule TeleMedicine consultations or send a secure ‘chat’ message to Simone throughout the duration of your package. There are training courses, information and advice sheets, videos, access to […]

What happens during a functional medicine consultation?

The initial assessment may last 60-90 minutes during which time you will be asked about all aspects of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.  Anything you are able to tell us about your childhood (illnesses, eating habits, sleep, energy etc) and even about your parent’s health will be very beneficial in understanding your current […]

What does a Functional Medicine Doctor Do?

Firstly, it is important to be aware that not all practitioners of functional medicine are conventional western medicine doctors.  Many of us have trained in nutrition, acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, physical therapies etc. Whatever the background of your functional medicine practitioner, we all work with you in a similar way, using nutrition and lifestyle medicine to […]