The Hidden Costs of Stress

Overcoming the physical, physiological and financial costs of stress on your wellbeing at work and home

This 6-week programme will focus on the impact that stress has on you personally.

All delegates will be sent a functional medicine lab testing kit to assess five key areas of your gut health, as this is one of the first systems in your body to be impacted by high and on-going levels of stress.  Throughout the programme, you will begin to understand what is happening ‘behind-the-scenes’ in your body that could ultimately affect your productivity at work, your personal wellbeing, your family life and your finances.


  • To understand how the current ‘healthcare’ system is facilitating stress at work
  • To understand what is happening behind-the-scenes in your own body and how well you are coping
  • To learn about the choices you can make that will be right for your own health through personalized nutrition plans
  • To make a conscious choice between paying for health insurance or prevention of illness.
  • How your vitality at work impacts your relationships with prospects, clients and co-workers.
  • Calculating the financial cost of stress

In addition to the 6 webinars, you will be invited to a 30-minute 1:1 session with Simone Buehner, Director of 360 Health Consultancy Ltd to discuss your test results and any questions that may have arisen for you.

Comprehensive GI Analysis

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