How To Strengthen Your Immune System Naturally

Thursday 29th July 2021
8pm BST
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Find out what natural ways you can support your immune system beyond eating five-a-day.

  • Learn how to recognize warning signs from your body that your innate immune system is working hard to maintain homeostasis
  • Learn about the significance of your current toxic burden and its impact on your body.
  • Find out what little-known lab tests can be done to have a look  ‘behind-the-scenes’ before symptoms of illness arise (Tip: your GP probably has not heard of them!)
  • Find out what you can do to prepare yourself as we ease out of Covid restrictions.
  • Find out the one mistake most people make that leads them to catch bugs and viruses when the schools go back in September.
  • Learn what ‘using your food as your medicine’ means in practice.


Toxic Burden

Learn how to reduce the toxic burden that your system already carries so that you do not go into autumn and winter with an immune system that is already stretched.

Personalized Detoxification Programme


Lab Tests

Learn about ways to find out what is going on ‘behind-the-scenes’ in your body’s self-defence system


Food Choices

Gain a better understanding of how your food choices are either strengthening or weakening your immune system

how to use food as medicine

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