FREE 15-Minute Functional Medicine Discovery Call

This will help us identify whether functional medicine is right for you at this time.  Prior to the call, you will be invited to complete a short questionnaire about  your health goals so that I can prepare for our video conversation.  When we speak I will be able to explain how a personalized health plan can benefit you and what the approximate cost is in terms of time and finances, but please be aware that I will not be able to give you an exact cost until the end of our more detailed Discovery Consultation.

Discovery Consultation

Prior to this 1:1 video call, you will be invited to complete several very detailed forms. One of these is known as the Medical Symptoms Questionnaire (MSQ). You will be scored out of 200 with anything below 15 being the ideal range.  This form will act as a benchmark that we measure our success against so you will be invited to complete it each month so we can plot your scores on a graph and keep note of the impact of the interventions.

Once you have provided all the information I need, I will plot it onto a timeline so we can look together at the trends affecting your health and spot any antecedents, triggers and mediators to your conditions.  Typically I see peaks of symptoms arising within the same time frame, so we delve into that in more detail when we have our 1:1 video call.

1:1 Video Call

Once I have gathered all this information and put it into your Functional Medicine Timeline and the Functional Medicine Matrix, we will discuss it in more detail, add anything else that comes to light and I will recount the ‘story’ of your health back to you.  Once we fully understand what has led you to this point, I will make recommendations for Step 2: Analyze


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